Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska



The Iowa Tribe Finance Department consists of a staff of 3 people. The department contains the following divisions:

Accounting (verify transactions recorded in the general ledger system, reconcile account line items, prepare and analyze financial statements monthly, quarterly and annually. Prepare fixed assets depreciation schedules and accrual entries, monitor inventory and prepare any journal entries on a monthly basis).

Reporting (compile financial data for the Executive Committee monthly. Prepare financial statements monthly, quarterly and annually for the General Council meetings).

Income Control and Cost Accounting (perform reconciliations and verify that all transactions have been accounted for and recorded. Preparation of monthly bank reconciliations and also prepare a proof of cash monthly).

Grants (provide accounting and financial data for Grant Administrator).

Budgeting (record budgets in the general ledger system, track budget to actual expenses, monitor and assist departments with budget processes and modifications).

Cash Receipts (tracks and deposits revenues into banks, records them into general ledger system).

Accounts Receivable (verifies and records accounts receivables to ensure accuracy of recording into the general ledger system, reconciles subsidiary ledgers to general ledger system. Ensures payment ofaccounts receivable on a timely manner).

Payroll (monitors time of employees recorded is accurate, process pay for employee and summer youth interns, reports information for retirement plan, cafeteria plans, garnishments, and is responsible for reporting Federal and State payroll reports and ensuring that withholding deposits are made on a timely manner. Prepares annual reports such as W-2′s and 1099′s).

Accounting Payable (receives invoices from vendors and reconcile to invoices turned in by employees, reconciles invoices to statements, enters data into accounting system and prepares checks for mailing and distributions).

Enterprise Funds (provide accounting, billing, collection, and monitor the activity of Tribe owned business):

1. Grandview Oil Station and Convenience store
2. Iowa Tribe Farms
3. Iowa Tribe Utility Fund
4. Iowa Tribe House Rent