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Native American Family Services

Native American Family Services

Elder Protection: Relates to the safety, security & protection of our elders. If abuse or neglect is suspected, a social worker will investigate the circumstances and offer services or seek legal involvement if necessary.

Independent Living: Is a program geared toward teens that have been or are currently in Foster Care. The program focuses on preparing youth for their future and living independently. Continuing education and job skills training is fundamental to the program.

Foster Care: Foster Care provides an alternative home environment for children whose own home the court system has declared as unsafe. However, reintegration with the parents/custodian is the ultimate goal. During the reintegration process, the Foster Care Social Worker provides counseling, supervises visits between the children and the parents/custodians, and works with the courts in preparing and monitoring reintegration plans. For the cases where reintegration cannot occur, the program provides long-term foster care and assistance with adoptions. The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 guides placement of child/children.

Social Services: Based on the needs of the individual, the Social Services Program helps with tribal enrollment, counseling, assistance with policy and procedures when involved with other agencies, legal referral, housing assistance, mediation, transportation, employment referrals, and schools issues. The broadly based Social Services Program services people in a myriad of areas.

Child Protective Services: The CPS Social Worker investigates reports received from school, neighbors, police and/or family members regarding alleged abuse/neglect of children. Upon completion of the investigation, the worker can file, if necessary, petitions to the court, refer the family for services or close the investigation.

Family Preservation: Family Preservation works with families who are at high risk of having their children removed from the home. Parenting skills individual, family counseling, budgeting, respite care, and acquisition of basic needs such as decent housing are examples of the services provided. Family Preservation is an intensive program with many hours spent each week with families in their homes/communities rather than in an office setting. Family Preservation teaches, supports and encourages families. Case loads are low in number to ensure the maximum amount of time goes into helping the families keep their children.

Family Violence Prevention: Family Violence Prevention works with a person whose home situation is physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive. Supportive Services provided are: immediate relief from a family violence situation by assisting the victim(s) and their children in obtaining emergency or transitional housing at shelters or safe houses; resource development, and/or moving assistance to enable the victim to move away from the abusive situation and finding permanency; individual and family counseling; play therapy given to victim(s) and their families; transportation assistance; financial literacy counseling; and other assistance as needed to meet basic needs.

Indian Child Welfare: The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 is a complex federal law that prevents Native American children from being placed in non-Indian environments away from relatives and tribal culture. The Act gives the Tribe authority to intervene in any State court on cases involving tribal children. Interventions and monitoring cases in out of state services areas are primary activity of the Social Worker. The Social Worker works with children place in foster care on reservations and provides Foster parent training.

Contact Information

Susan Drake

Board member

3313B Thrasher Rd.

White Cloud, KS 66094

Phone: 785-547-6192

Crisis Line: 785-850-6596

Daycare: The Iowa Tribal Learning Center (ITLC) is operated under Native American Family Services, Inc. The Iowa Tribal Learning Center is a State Licensed Daycare and provides quality daycare and early childhood development programs. All staff members are trained and continuously educate themselves on early childhood development and the health and safety of children.

Hours: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday

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The Native American Family Services Board of Directors meets every other Tuesday at 4:30pm at the Tribal Administrative Building.