Get Connected

Get Connected

Looking for ways to keep up-to-date on Tribal news, events, meetings, and more? Use the links below to stay in-the-know! If you need assistance, please email Olivia Brien, Director of Communications, at or call the main office at (785) 595-3258.



The newsletter is released on a quarterly basis via email, social media, and the Member’s Area. If you would like a hardcopy, you must sign up by calling the main office at (785) 595-3258 or by requesting it through the link below. Deadlines for submissions are:

  • Behu (Spring) – February 12
  • Mansje (Summer) – May 12
  • Nato Xwanye (Autumn) – August 12
  • Banyi (Winter) – November 12

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will have mirrored content, but due to different platforms and algorithms, some are better suited for certain information than others. LinkedIn will primarily include job postings and tribal enterprise news.


Member's Area

Questions, Comments, and Concerns