Iowa tribe of kansas and nebraska

Higher Education Program

Higher Education Program

The purpose of the Higher Education Program is to assist tribal members with the completion of their undergraduate degree. To be eligible for the Higher Education Program you must be an enrolled member of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, be a full time student obtaining a bachelor’s degree and have a financial need determined by the Financial Aid Office of the school you will be attending. The Higher Education Program admits 10-15 students a year depending on funding. First priority will go to the students who have been previously awarded. After this, the priority will be based on the date the application was completed. Applications are due annually on July 15th. If you are interested in applying, it is imperative that you begin the application process at least 4 weeks in advance.

Contact Information

Linda Rhodd

Contract/Grant Administrator

3345 B Thrasher Rd.
White Cloud, KS 66094