Iowa tribe of kansas and nebraska

Eye Care Program

Eye Care Program

The Eye Care Program provides eyeglass vouchers to enrolled tribal members living in the Tribe’s service area. The service area includes Brown and Doniphan Counties, KS, Richardson County, NE, and Holt County, MO. Vouchers are currently provided once every two years for $300. The Tribe can only offer vouchers for use with eye doctors who have a current contract with the Tribe. You may pick up an eyeglass voucher at the Tribal Office.


To receive your eye voucher, please call the Tribal Offices at (785) 595-3258 to schedule an appointment with Coreena Adkins. Please do not drop by the office to pick up a voucher without an appointment. If you are fifteen or more minutes late for your appointment, you will need to reschedule.

Contact Information

Anthony Fee


Coreena Adkins

Enrollment Clerk

3345 B Thrasher Rd.
White Cloud, KS 66094