Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska

Tribal Court

Court is held on the first Monday of the month at 9:00 A.M.

Office Hours are Mon – Fri 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M

Appellate Judge Montie Deer

Judge Charles H. Tripp

Prosecutor John R. Kurth

Court Clerk Billee R. Keller


Civil Filing Fee $111.00
Attorney Filing Fee for admission to the bar $50.00
Court Cost $45.00
Copies (Black & White) $0.10 per page
Copies (Color) $0.25 per page
Hobbyist Permit $25.00
Dog Tags
un-neutered or un-spayed $12.00
neutered or spayed $6.00

Add $2.00 for late fees for every month after February

In 1996 the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska was awarded $35,000 from the Bureau of Indian Affairs by Special Tribal Court Grant GTB04T86004 for the planning and developing of a Tribal Court System.

The Iowa Tribe Executive Committee received a proposal for a Tribal Court Project prepared by Professor Gerald Torres of the University of Texas School of Law to begin the planning and development of the tribal court system.

On June 11, 1997 the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska Promulgated and enacted the Tribal Code by Resolution 97-R-11. The Tribal Code was prepared by Gerald Torres and his staff. Judge Russell Brien of Kansas City and Prosecuting Attorney James Adams of Omaha, both Tribal members, conducted the first session of the Iowa Tribe Circuit Court, on October 7, 1998. In the beginning the court was only hearing Juvenile Cases. On March 17, 1999 the court heard its First traffic (speeding) case. Since that time the Iowa Tribal Circuit Court now hears Civil, Criminal, Traffic and Juvenile cases. As of July of 2010 the court has head 40 Juvenile Cases, 35 Criminal Cases, 154 Civil Cases, and 862 Traffic Cases.

In January of 2000 Judge Peter Beekman took over for Judge Brien.. In June of 2002 Judge James Wadley took over for Judge Beekman. In August of 2005 Judge Charles H. Tripp took over for Judge Wadley. In June of 2000 John R. Kurth took over for James Adams.